Bakery portfolio
The love of baking

The love for food and good pastries is often conveyed in the videos of Pahalapsi. Content producer and blogger Susanne works full-time at Heinosen Leipomo - bakery in Joensuu. Cake designer and confectioner Susanne prides herself on the reputation she has gained for her perfection and handcrafted delicate designs. Susanne is by nature a perfectionist and puts every ounce of love and attention into the delicious cakes she creates.

"In 2018 I graduated as a master baker and I have over ten years of professional experience in the baking industry. Baking is not only my hobby - it's my biggest passion". - Susanne


  • Riveria Joensuu vocational education school, qualified restaurant chef 2010
  • Joensuun Lyseo high school A-levels 2011
  • Riveria Joensuu vocational education school, bachelor's degree in baking 2017
  • Riveria Joensuu vocational education school, certified master baker 2018
  • Riveria Joensuu vocational education school, bachelor's degree in confectionery (studies starting in autumn 2019)