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Alternative Expo

Oulu, Oulun Teatria FIN

Sat 21.3.2020

Past gigs


Private party

Joensuu, FIN

Sat 25.5.2019

Heinosen Leipomo - the opening of café Centrum ft. Pahalapsi

Joensuu, FIN

Fri 5.10.2018

Tubecon Event

Helsinki, FIN

Fri-Sat 17.8.- 18.8.2018

Periscope Chat, Sekasin 247

Yle Suomi / Helsinki FIN

Fri 27.4.2018

Club Interface live chat ft. Pahalapsi

Helsinki, FIN

Fri 18.5.2018

Kalma Dreads & Ink Metamorphosis feat Pahalapsi

Tampere, FIN

Sat 16.6.2018

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Susanne Aalto